Keeping my promises

I promised my open access BFF Peter Binfield (esteemed managing editor of PLoS One) that I would change the header on my blog if he would send me a PLoS T-shirt. I keep my promises, as you can see above in the new header.  He did, in fact, send me T-shirts for the entire family (a picture will materialize at some point), and he signed the one for me (I’m SUCH a geek). I was so excited about it the whole lab thought I was acting a little crazy. Anyway- my mom taught me that the polite thing to do in these instances was to write a thank you note:

Dear Pete-

Thanks so much for the PLoS T-shirts. We will wear them with pride and indoctrinate our children into the open access movement. You are the best.

I’ve just got one question, how come hamsters love PLOS??

All my love,


But I’ll open that to the floor as well… does anyone know why hamsters love PLoS?!


10 thoughts on “Keeping my promises

  1. I believe that the Hamster Continuum did publish the answer to that question. Unfortunately they did so in a closed access journal and so you will need to pay $35 to read it.

  2. Because they don’t have to run around in circles anymore to find the content they need?

  3. Pete- He He He. That was a master comeback.

    Sciencegeeka- That seems like a plausible explanation.

    For myself I think it is part clever marketing trick to indoctrinate kids to the open access movement… kids love hamsters… so kids must love what hamsters love? The tobacco industry has Joe Camel…right?

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