Experimental moment of truth

Stress related post, read on with that understanding.

We are doing a HUGE and hugely complex experiment tomorrow that requires us to function as a team. Me and one other team member know the drill, but the rest of the team is new to the protocol. I won’t be able to touch anything except my little part tomorrow- so I’m nervous about how everything will go and about not being able to do much more than direct (no live demos) from where I’ll be stuck.

We’ve planned, we’ve trained, we’ve met, we’ve scheduled, we’ve prepared everything we can think of. We’ve been troubleshooting one pesky pain-in-the-ass problem for the last 6 weeks. Everyone in the lab has worked like a maniac to get this experiment underway. Now all that remains is to jump off the experimental cliff and see what happens.

This is a moment of truth if there ever was one, cross your fingers for us.


10 thoughts on “Experimental moment of truth

  1. You are letting us hanging here drdrA, what happened after jumping of the cliff. This is like a season finale of a Tv-show a nice cliff hanger :).

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