A vignette in the life of DrDrA

I’m currently unable to put together a blog post. Why?

I think I ‘m just wiped out from doing two monster experiments and going to study section sandwiched in between. The two monster experiments went very, very well- I’m pleased and relieved by that. Apparently I still have my surgery skills, so that D.V.M. on my wall still means something. The team performed remarkably well, and the first part of the analysis looks very good. Now we await the second part of the analysis- … that will lead us to further monster experiments. And I’m not even quite finished compiling all the data from the monster experiment #1, and trying to fit all this in with my daily life.

What daily life you ask? Soccer, taking my 12-going-on 15 year old to the mall with a friend, supplying DrMrA with plants for the yard… because spring planting is happening right now, and attempting to keep food in the fridge and meals on the table . In the in between down times I just sort of sit staring out the window, thankful for the peaceful, quiet moment- but still somewhat unable to collect myself. Immediately after the second monster experiment (like I got home at 1 am and at 3:30 am), littleA came to my bedside with a raging fever. Three days later we all emerged from the sleeplessness of  juggling two busy working schedules and a sick child. She’s fine now, thanks for asking. Needless to say that in the last two three weeks I’ve given up going to the gym, which has been very bad for my level of anxiety. I’ll get back on that horse this week, with any luck.

So there you go. I guess I just wrote a blog post: A vignette of the life of a scientist-mom. It always seems that the more I get done, the more there is to do. Despite my exhaustion at times, I really do enjoy it though.

5 thoughts on “A vignette in the life of DrDrA

  1. Cath-

    The monster experiments were very well executed by everyone that works with me, and now we keep our fingers crossed for part II of the analysis. The samples were sent out Thursday to reach the site for further processing…. they went instead to Indianapolis, and weren’t going to be delivered to the correct location until Monday. I had a bit of a melt-down with Fedex… since those samples are incredibly valuable to me… and need to be kept cold. Thankfully with some juggling they arrived yesterday.

    As for the calm down part- I wish things would calm down- except when I don’t. Sometimes I think I thrive on crazy. 🙂

  2. We’ve been having major problems with shipments too, including antibodies that are completely unusable because they’ve been sitting in airports (and especially at customs) for days at room temperature. It’s driving our lab manager crazy!

  3. Have you bought the kids their 2010 USA shirts, yet? The away colours are pretty slick, but I can’t find them in Toddler size 😦

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