My grant writing addiction issues

I thought I was done with grant proposals, happily done…. HA! Just when you think you are out….. they pull you back in.

I’m writing another one with colleagues and it is awesome fun. It is also crazy, wildly, insanely intense and exhausting. I know that I’ve done my share of bitching and moaning in these pages about grant applications and such- but developing and spelling out new ideas is a total rush. Does anyone else out there feel like that? Right now we are coming toward the end of the process and everyone is working like mad, pulling together, and I’m madly infatuated with the science and the proposal. Maybe reviewers will give us the go-ahead and my relationship with this project will become long-term.

Yes, I know I’m totally aware that  I’ve got a problem. I’m DrdrA and I’m a science-aholic. Can we start a support group?

An Open Letter

Dear Persistent Administrative Assistant (in department I have no relationship with):

Sorry it took me (2 whole days) so long to answer your email.  I looked at my calendar and am not able to meet with your faculty candidate on Monday afternoon as you requested in your first email, because I have a previously scheduled meeting. I am also not able to meet with your faculty candidate, whose CV I have now looked at and that has no cross-over with my work AT ALL, on Monday morning as requested in your second email- because that is when we have lab meeting. I do not know the candidate, I know nothing about your search, I am not affiliated with your department and I have no idea why you are asking me to meet with this person. So, I guess that answers your third email – I have no time on my schedule on Tuesday to meet with this candidate.

My apologies for being cranky, I’ll have to learn to be more direct so we don’t get three emails in next time.