Your own private phone booth. NOT!

I have to kvetch about something. I’ve been spending a lot of time in airports lately. That’s all fine, I don’t mind – I actually like traveling.

But here’s the thing. WHAT is the deal with people thinking that the public bathrooms in airports are their own private phone booths? Seriously. I’m not talking about those ‘Hey honey, I can’t talk now, I’m in the restroom’ type conversations- I’m talking about the full-fledged-whole-nine-yards-every-damn-detail conversations being carried out while one participant is in the bathroom doing their business.

I am being 100% serious about this. On a recent trip I visited the facilities before I got on my flight and, I kid you not, in the next stall over a woman was going a recommendation over the phone for a friend/colleague/former employee of hers that was applying for a new job.  This is not the first time that I have witnessed such behavior recently either.

I find this trend disturbing on so many levels, I can barely elaborate further. I don’t suppose this is going on in the men’s room as well? Actually, I don’t even want to know.

14 thoughts on “Your own private phone booth. NOT!

  1. I hate that fucken shit, too. When I’m in the fucken bathroom, I want some peace and quiet while I fucken whiz. Not listen to some fucken doucnebag yell at some fucker on the fucken phone.

  2. I think CPP meant he needed some fucken peace and fucken quiet…
    Every noun must be graced with the universally flattering adjective fucken.

  3. There is also nothing worse than when you’re on the phone with someone, you hear some noise, and your friend says “oh, it’s fine, i’m in the bathroom”. You’re talking to me while you PEE?! I mean, I know friends share a lot, but you can call me back.

  4. Jason- What sci said! The people on the other end of the line surely know that the person with the bad bathroom manners… is peeing! It is hard to be stealth when you hear running liquid and then the toilets flushing.

  5. My husband works at home and frequently calls me from the bathroom. It’s his one attempt at multitasking. I can hear everything and it still grosses me out even though I’ve obviously heard it all in person many times. But I have to admit, it bothers me more when he calls while doing the dishes. All that clanking hurts my ears.

  6. Whenever someone is on a phone in the stall next to me, I make sure to flush at key moments in the conversation. Especially if the person is trying to cover up the fact that they are taking a shit while on their cell. Gross.

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