Failed Experiment

Yes, the data suggest that those non-sterile v-bottom 96-well dishes (untreated) are NOT made for the autoclave.



14 thoughts on “Failed Experiment

  1. JFS- I’ve got it on my desk and man, you could pound nails with that thing. We did some plastic transfer pipettes as well. I’ll have to post a picture of what happened to those because it turned out to be quite a nice looking thing that we now use as a pencil holder.

  2. Welcome to the world of autoclave art!! I would stack 24-well plates in interesting designs before I had to autoclave them. Also, 10ml centrifuge tubes + caps make AWESOME ornaments when autoclaved….

  3. LMAO. Thank. You. For. That. After the frustrating day I’ve had, that really made me smile. 🙂 Way to find the pony…!

  4. My grad lab operated on a shoestring so I thought I’d autoclave 10 cm plastic petri dishes to see if I could recycle them. Turns out they autoclave well but that they come out looking like weird arty things. Not so good for cell culture, though.

  5. Shrinkydinks are still around, they just are not available in toy stores anymore. I’ve seen them a couple of times recently in museum gift shops.

    Yes, shrinkydinks did not disappear. They evolved. Into art.

  6. Eugenie’s right. Somebody would probably pay $5m for that if it was done by Damien Hirst.

  7. Boil over a flask of agar in the Autoclave; that always makes for a fun cleanup, and it smells great when it hits the heating element…

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