Twisted Travel Dreams…

You know you are doing too much traveling when you have dreams about being in an airport and trying to check in for your flight- only to discover that the airline has decided that the flight you were supposed to be on is now scheduled to go to some other destination. Then, in your dreams, you climb into the sofa-bed that is available in the airport  (!!!)  while discussing with a flight attendant (displaced from the same flight) whether or not this would be an instance in which the airline should pay for a hotel room, and how you are going to get yourself home.

Seriously, that was in my dream last night.


4 thoughts on “Twisted Travel Dreams…

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  2. Dr. Cynicism- Srsly. On top of the crazy sleep schedule, yesterday I had some kind of allergy attack and I though my head was going to explode. MUCH better today.

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