Data Storage FAIL

Say it isn’t so. Say that isn’t data… crumpled up in that drawer….

I’m only going to say this once. DATA SHOULD BE IN A BOUND NOTEBOOK AT THE VERY LEAST, OR GEEZ, PUT IT IN THE BIOLOGIST’S FAVORITE COMPUTER PROGRAM…. EXCEL ….  Don’t ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER let me find it crumpled up in a random drawer again.


13 thoughts on “Data Storage FAIL

  1. OH SNAP! That is really not cool. I have been known to take some notes on paper towels, but I always transfer to a more stable platform and get the data into excel.

    CPP, even bullcrappe experiments should be documented. Otherwise someone else might just do it again. How many times do you want to pay for bullcrappe?

  2. When I screw something up, I sure as shit don’t take the time to document it in my lab notebook. Lay out the whole experiment, and on page 3 of the documentation, be like, whoops!!! Forgot to add Buffer FuckMe before analyzing/printing the data! I have enough notebooks without filling them with crap.

  3. CPP, even bullcrappe experiments should be documented.

    You are confused about what “bullcrappe” means in this context. If it is some kind of shitte like “forgot to plug in the electroporator” or–since the images that were trashed in the photo DrDrA posted here look like microorganism clones plated in arrays in petri dishes–“forgot to put antibiotic in the plates”–then there is absolutely ZERO reason to document the experiment.

  4. I’m going to chime in and say that the pictures don’t show an experiment where someone forgot to put antibiotics on plates. The experiment was technically correct- we can’t score the results if someone crumples them up and shoves them in a drawer.

  5. Doubledoc is so not with it. It’s cloud data storage in action. I’ve been using this system for ages, and btw, it’s kept my lab book absolutely immaculate (that is, there’s nothing in it soiling the claritable crispiness of its pages).

  6. Actually, I do include the cock-ups in my electric notebook when I’m doing electrophysiology, but only to keep my patching batting average current and accurate. Unfortunately, to mix metaphors, I’m the John McEnroe of patch clamping (“Wrong Vh ASSHAT: ArE YoU FucKING SERIOUS D00D!??!?!??)

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