I’m still out here….

I know it must seem like I’ve fallen off the edge of the earth. At least that is how it feels to me right now.

The last couple of weeks have been spent moving part of our lab to a brand spankin’ new building.  We officially moved the bulk of our lab yesterday, and all the boxes have now been unpacked- although things are still in disarray. The move is actually happening in three phases, run by three separate sets of individuals. One move for chemicals, one move for general lab stuff, and a third move for biologicals. Moves number 1 and 2 are complete, move number 3 will probably happen next week. There are little issues to be fixed yet, (who puts in 8-9 feet of counter space without putting any electrical outlets over it?), … incubators need to be hooked up to CO2, natural gas needs to be supplied to every bench- but for the most part things have gone as expected.

I don’t think I’m ready for any toasts yet. Perhaps it is just any kind of big change rocks my world in an uncomfortable way right now. Once the dust settles, I’m sure I’ll be excited. I’m mostly looking forward to quiet and being able to think about science, blogging a bit, and putting together some manuscripts in advance of poster preparation for a meeting next month.

Maybe that makes me the ultimate nerd. My teenager would think so.


5 thoughts on “I’m still out here….

  1. I was part of two lab moves during my grad career *shudders* Glad you’ve gotten through the majority of it – hope it finishes off as painlessly as possible!

  2. You’re gonna wanna hang a disco ball, so get them to stick a socket up high, and an extra switch on the wall too!

  3. Congrats on the new building and facilities! Also, it’s that time of year for all of us when we get swamped and slack off on our blogging. You have a free pass 🙂

  4. It will take at least six months to get back up to speed. There are all those little adapters that worked in the old lab . . . .

  5. The Left never has facts. They will ignore the facts to push their unconstitutional agenda. Keep up the yeoman’s work, Kayleigh.

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