Proper business language. NOT.

I feel free writing about this on my blog because it won’t come as news to anyone that I work with. I confess I  have a problem with cursing. I curse. A Lot. Could make a sailor blush.  I think of it as a stress relief technique.  (Some of you probably don’t believe this because I generally have a pretty clean mouth on this blog.)

When I have a huge deadline for a 30 billion page proposal, and I find out 3 minutes before the deadline  that I’m going to have to itemize out the pipet tips and coverslips. I can often be heard saying loudly that I can’t believe they want me to do that…. and F$#*, *@%#, $@*! !!!!! Somehow after I get that off my chest I’m able to pull up my big girl panties and get itemizing. Ok truthfully,  I would probably be saying that even if I found out this information 3 weeks before the deadline- ’cause I just think itemizing out the pipet tips in advance is impossible to do accurately, and is thus a total waste of time.

Anyway- I’ve heard that cursing  isn’t ladylike or proper business behavior. I couldn’t give a $%!t about the ladylike part-  and I’m only mildly disturbed about the business behavior part. Maybe I should be?  I am capable of having a moment of introspection about this. What do you all think- is cursing at work an issue in an academic environment? I never curse AT people,  no name calling, I mostly curse over stuff I have to get done that feels like it is overwhelming my abilities at any given moment.


P.S. … HaHaHa….  totally missed this… ROTFLMAO. LOVE that Dr. Cynicism …


11 thoughts on “Proper business language. NOT.

  1. You are so predictable. We were practically taking bets on how long it would take you to make a comment.

    I admit. I expected more profanity in your comment, however.

  2. Speaking of creative cursing, I highly recommend this post by Dr. Cynicism: . But don’t read it while you are eating or drinking…

  3. Since I only check my blog stats with the same frequency as total planetary alignment, I totally missed that you gave me a shout out — until now. Thanks so much! I hope you’re crafting some twisted and unique cussing combinations 🙂 Personally, as long as you’re not hurling those words AT a particular person, I say all is fair in swearing and raging. *Especially* in academia.

  4. I know I’m late to the game here, but I definitely curse quite a bit in the lab, especially when things don’t go well. I’ve gotten a lot of strange looks at times, mostly from the Brits I work with (I think they tend to be a tad more reserved). However, I also work with an Italian postdoc as well and they have some friggin’ awesome curse words that I’ve starting picking up. These are great because they don’t offend the sensibilities of the natives…

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