Victory Dance

Sometimes you have to do one.

Right now, as the academic science world is undergoing its own little armageddon…..grant getting is just shit as the funding line is in free fall, people are dropping from the field like flies, and jobs are non-existent….. and all that can seriously get a mid-career academic scientist down.

But, on the other hand… we have two manuscripts (that I totally dig) well on the way to acceptance, two trainees that are on FIRE (not literally, in a good way). We have two R01s in prep for which I’ve decided to solicit the most honest and brutal feedback- and my colleagues have totally stepped up for that.

Yeah, I know – the big picture is still the same- but we have to focus on these little milestones when we can.


3 thoughts on “Victory Dance

  1. Congrats! The current climate isn’t just discouraging to the mid-career scientists, but us n00bies as well. To avoid full on meltdown, I’ve decided to celebrate the small victories and put my head in the sand when negative naybobs come popping around my office. Still on target to get 4 grants out in the next 6 months….so there’s that.

  2. DrLizzyMoore- The climate is demoralizing to us all. I’m just trying to take things one day at a time- as are you. 🙂

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