Sample Cover Letter

April 1, 2008

(insert Dr. XYZ’s address/contact info here)

Dear Dr. XYZ:
I am writing to apply for the tenure-track position at the rank of Assistant Professor in the
Department of Outstanding Science at the College of Sciences at XYZ University that is
currently advertised in Science Careers Online (or where ever you saw the position
advertised or who you heard about the position from).
At this time I am (your current position), in (or associated with) the laboratory of my
postdoctoral advisor Dr. 123, in the Department of Microbiology at Very Impressive
University. In my work I am studying XYZ phenomenon. 1-2 sentences about WHY this
work is important. 1-2 sentences about where you may take this work in the future. You
may also briefly (1 sentence) mention teaching experience if you have any.
I have attached my Curriculum Vitae, a statement of research interests, a teaching
statement, and the names of several references to this letter. In addition I have requested
that several letters of reference be forwarded to you on my behalf. Please feel free to
contact me if you require any additional information concerning my application.

Jane V. Smart, Ph.D.

(insert your position, and contact information here)

p.p.s. Material on this site is my original work and thus I own the copyright. Reproduction of this material without my permission, in whole or in part, in your words or mine, is a a violation of my copyright.


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