Hot Scientific Equipment/1

One of the things you don’t know about me is that I’m a gadget geek. Back when I started dating my husband I bought a new stereo system.  While I was connecting this part to that part, he was making a lunch… and things haven’t changed much since then in this department. My favorite gifts are gadgets- I’ve got a purse full (the bigA has inherited this obsession).

But- I’m not going to post about my personal gadgets here (you can all get your heads out of the gutter NOW), my gadget obsession extends to scientific equipment and power tools that I purchase for the lab. Heck, if Isis can show you pictures of shoes she adores, I can show you pictures of the lab equipment I covet. I’ve got some humble tastes- and some not so much.

We’ll do relatively humble and low tech now, and move on to robotics, HTS sequencing etc later. This little devil is my favorite purchase as an assistant professor, (as I reveal  just exactly how much of a geek I really am). I give you – the Ultra Turrax T25 grinder…

Ultra Turrax T25Now I know you are SHOCKED by my geekishness- but I just love this thing. Some labs that do what we do, smash tissue using a whirl-pak bags and a hammer… but I like my thumbs, thanks. I’m practically deaf from the old grinder we used to use, and this bad boy is so awesomely quiet that we can actually have a conversation over coffee while grinding samples for an hour or two. Well, if we weren’t working on food borne pathogens and if coffee was allowed in the lab, that is.  And nothing gets stuck up in the dispersing tool and has to be cleaned out with forceps- it all gets properly dispersed like it is supposed to.  I love it!

My students think I’m a total nutcase because I comment about how this is one of my most favorite pieces of equipment that we own…like on a daily basis.

Of course, I am a total nutcase sometimes. I’m getting a quote for big time PCR equipment right now.