Decisions, Decisions

The lack of new postings on this site has been noticed by my friends.  So, now that I’m done with the two grants… I shall pick this up again.. here goes:

I was invited to speak at a meeting… which is exciting.  But- here’s the thing- the meeting is only most peripherally related to my area of interest. It is very unlikely that anyone in my field (even the broader field) will be at this meeting. I have looked at the other sessions, and the poster sessions- and I can see about 1 presentation that might be interesting to me.  So- I thought I would arrive the day before the talk, give the talk the next morning- and be on the plane in the afternoon. That was all cool with me.

Earlier today I was on the meeting site doing the registration… and I saw that the registration fee for this meeting is $700. Continue reading


Meeting invigoration and exhaustion.

So, we are in the home stretch… the final evening of the meeting that I am currently attending. It’s a small meeting- all the right players are here. For me it has been alternately up and down, in my current state I am alternately very enthusiastic about science, and depressed by the sad state of funding etc etc. These sentiments seems to reflect the mood of many of the attendees however. Stories of everyone else’s Continue reading