Gettin’ a Reputation…

I gave birth to two babies during my training (well…, 3 if you count the thesis as my baby in another sense). I was the first graduate student to become a parent in the lab where I did my thesis work (I’ve written about this before I’ll dig up the link for you), and only the second lab member to have a baby while in that particular lab.  Despite my fear of how this might go with my thesis advisor- he/she handled the whole situation quite wonderfully, and since that time he/she has had multiple employees on maternity leave simultaneously. When you get a reputation for family friendliness…you get a reputation…

That seems to have rubbed off on me… Continue reading


Today’s Count.

Sorry for the lack of blog to you loyal followers… I’ve been in major I’ve-got-to-get-this-done-RIGHT-NOW mode for the last few days. When I get in this zone, I’ve got tunnel vision for the goal. Today I’ve lightened my load up by getting several things I’ve been feverishly working on off my desk for a while. The count for today-

  • Papers submitted/both revisions: 2
  • Letters of Intent written/ edited: 2
  • Biosafety officers dealt with: 1
  • Lectures given to med students: 1
  • Budgets/and process started for various grants: 2
  • Sets of material sent to collaborators: 2

I’ve got to say it feels pretty awesome to get those papers off my desk. Continue reading

Tenure Clock Stoppages and Productivity: Re-post

I have previously posted about tenure clock stoppages and the fact that there is no concurrent NIH productivity clock stoppage (then there was a follow up post as well)… I thought that in light of the discussion about gender over at Drugmonkey, which in recent comments seems to have shifted back around to tenure clocks and the productivity gap… I would re-post my original thoughts on the matter here for anyone who missed it the first time or would like to continue the discussion we were having at that time – see below for the text of the original post.

I see that Drugmonkey has also posted a round-up of all the posts on other sites driven by the conversation that’s been going on around the blogosphere about this in the last few days.

Ok, here’s what I wrote the first time:

The P word: P for Productivity.

I’m thinking a lot about this right now… and I want to put this in the context of tenure clocks. Continue reading

Post-grant deadline stupor

In my post-grant deadline stupor… I’ve been rather useless. I can’t seem to get it together to call program about my score- I will though, I know I have to and I PROMISE I will. So- how have I been spending my days, I hear you cry…

Well, I’VE BEEN DOING AN EXPERIMENT. Yes, that’s right, an actual experiment. Someone’s got to do it for a paper revision and my postdoc-of-the-golden-hands is on her first vacation in three years, so I elected myself (what the hell was I thinking???). Continue reading

Yelling… as a method of peronnel management.

DrMrA and I have been having a conversation lately about yelling. Not yelling for fun, or joyful yelling, or enthusiastic yelling after a great result, or just plain speaking loudly, …. DrMrA is from southern Europe- so it seems like everyday conversation is just done at a higher volume with him… but we have been together a long time so I’m used to it. You can imagine the volume at gatherings of our extended families, my gentle northern European self has gradually become acclimated to this.

No, I’m talking about yelling as a form of personnel management. Continue reading