It’s the season…Academic Job Search Reposts..

It’s prime season for looking for an academic position. Departments have evaluated their needs and desires for hiring for fall 2009, have put out their ads and are looking for the best candidates. I know several postdocs out on the academic job search trail even as I write, and even my own department is hiring. Before I have to spend a good portion of my time in the gym working off all those dinners I’m about to eat with candidates… I offer to you the posts that I have made previously on this subject- in the hope that the posts themselves and the excellent associated comments (and links to posts of others) might be helpful to you in your search.

A few important things to think and ask about particular departments when you are looking for a position.

A brief primer on how to get started looking for an academic position.

Did I just say it was the season for looking for an academic position… yes, I did.

A bit about cover letters, geography, and spouses…and the complete structure of an application package.

You’ll probably need a letter of recommendation, or two, and most probably 3.

Moving from the ‘research track’ to the tenure track– and the ins and outs of this.

What homework to do while waiting, and waiting, and waiting for solicitations to interview…

Should you selectively apply to places where you like the geography??

Preparing your job talk... some of the elements of organizing a great seminar on your work. …a few words .. OK, I lied… if you have been reading this blog you know I’m not capable of just ‘a few’ words.

More on job talk preparation… the importance of PRACTICE….

Did I mention that I love the chalk talk… but faculty candidates don’t usually know what to expect…

And even if you are not applying for as lofty a position as Sarah Palin – thorough prep for the rest of the interview is important too.

You are not done when you return home from the interview exhausted, there is more to do….Thank you notes and contacting the chair

Second interviews… If you haven’t already hit these points in the first interview… now’s the the time..

And a couple of posts on negotiating... and a few more points on negotiating

That’s where I am hung up in this series… Thankfully many of you eager academic job seekers won’t get around to negotiating until a couple of months from now… so there’s time for me to add to this yet!


11 thoughts on “It’s the season…Academic Job Search Reposts..

  1. PhizzleDizzle- You can find all this information under the Application Packages tab as well, plus a little bit more… I hope you find it useful.

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