Loose Ends.

I’m going to clean up in a few areas in this post.

First, a couple points about oral presentations/job talks that are just making me crazy lately.

#1. DO NOT start a new story in an oral presentation, job talk or otherwise, at 48 minutes in. Just don’t do it- at 48 minutes in there is only one thing left to do- leave well enough alone, and conclude.

#2.  Please, please, please- before you go off to give a talk somewhere- make sure you check out each and every one of your figures on a PC AND ON A MAC. I’m begging you. This is really a minor detail for you that’s easy to take care of. I can’t appreciate your lovely flow cytometry data, if I can’t see it. Borrow a mac or a pc if you need to, you can save your presentations on a memory stick saved both from the PC and from the Mac… this just would make this member of your audience less grumpy!

Second, Eugenie kindly gave me the Inspiration Award a couple of days ago… which was extremely generous of her!

inspirationawardOh, how I do wish I had time to recline, eat something delicious and read a great book… like this gentlewoman! Alas, I do not. … But I’ll tag some of my inspirations….

You all inspire me to be a better scientist, a better writer… and a better mentor. You all will have to figure out how to deal with the Victorian ladies clothing! (and yes, there are some rules to this meme- but the 5 of you can nominate someone and then follow the generally accepted meme rules if you should be so inspired…)

Finally- I had to kick my own ass a little bit from my last post.  There is a whole lot of depressing stuff going around in our little corner of business lately- but seriously, things could be so much worse. We’re not hungry, we’re not homeless, everyone in my family is relatively healthy- and I hope this is the case in your family as well,… .we are fortunate to live in peace, and we generally don’t want for too much.  Grant troubles, smoubles. WE ARE TOUGHER THAN ALL OF THAT, I swear DrDrA- get your shit together already!!

For those of you that need a little assistance digging yourselves out of this hole (and you know who you are…)- I offer the following. Whenever I’m in a shitty mood- this always adjusts my attitude:

Besides, you know I love the protest song- and where I live- anything by the Dixie Chicks could be considered a protest song!


14 thoughts on “Loose Ends.

  1. #1. DO NOT start a new story in an oral presentation, job talk or otherwise, at 48 minutes in. Just don’t do it- at 48 minutes in there is only one thing left to do- leave well enough alone, and conclude.

    Were you at the same seminar I was at yesterday? That’s just creepy…

  2. I convert my ppt to pdf when I travel for talks – I keep both with me on my jump drive.

    I love love love Dixie Chicks (the “Not ready to make nice” album RULZ!!11!!1!1!).

    My pick-me-up/get-my-ass-in-gear tune is Keith Urban’s “who wouldn’t wanna be me”

  3. jc- I didn’t know that one- that’s awesome! It won’t let me embed it… or I would put it right up there next to the Dixie Chicks… I wish I had the ‘not ready to make nice’ album- I think I’m going to have to do some consumer therapy!

  4. Awwwwww! I’m just seeing this now – I wish I could inspire you as a scientist if I was still truly practicing as one. But okay, I’ll take it – it may be the weekend before I get to answering the tag.

    Hang in there, friend. We’ve got some heavy budgetary shit going down in our state university system and it is no fun for anyone.

  5. Abel- You’ve been a terrific supporter of the blog as well- for which I thank you!! 🙂 I’m sorry about that state stuff. I’m relatively protected from that, that’s just one thing to be thankful for. I’m feeling for you and for Juniorprof as well- in this regard.

    Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer to the FSM- my other grant got reviewed today. First submission- I’m expecting a triage.

  6. Thanks DrdrA!! I would play along but you’ve tagged my inspirations (including yourself)!!! Like Abel, we’re going through the total world of shit right now. I’m begining to think that the failing Phoenix housing market is going to pull the whole state university system down with it. Yesterday I was looking for the bridge but couldn’t find one and finally decided to just put on blinders, get my papers and reviews out and keep fighting for grants.

  7. Here is another useful presentation tip:

    Do not insult your audience, even as a joke. (or if you do, wait until the end).

  8. Pinus- That’s a great one. Priceless.

    Juniorprof. … :-), let’s focus on the papers- and put blinders on for the other crap. I’m with you all the way on that one!

  9. Lab Lemming-

    I won’t let work IT people anywhere near my mac….they hate me for that but … .well, it’s absolutely necessary.

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