I’ve fallen into a mountain of data and I can’t get out!

I number of inquiries about my whereabouts after that last post prompt me to let you know that I’m fine- just a tad occupied. I’ve even given up answering too much email for the moment, and I’ve not even checked twitter in about a week.

The monster experiment was *beautiful* from a technical standpoint. The team operated exquisitely, and although we have places where we can do better when we repeat this thing, We are currently processing a mountain of samples, and processing the data is going to take a while. Next week we repeat the whole deal.

I’ll blog. I promise I will. I just need a breather. Your continued patience (and all your concern) is most appreciated!


4 thoughts on “I’ve fallen into a mountain of data and I can’t get out!

  1. May we all have this problem of too much good data to work on!
    Now that’s a good problem to have.

  2. Well, that sure beats being stuck making measurements with a standard deviation that is twice what you need for your experiment…

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