Love to Mom and Dad….

Last night I told my mother that save for the board of regents signatures my tenure is approved.

I received these today:

They were accompanied by this note:

Congratulations DrDrA,

You are awesome.

But did you know you were adopted?


Mom & Dad

I love my mom.  A LOT. And my dad- well, the quirky sense of humor stands out (Please- I need a break from personal revelations for a while) but really the importance of my dad in my life and career trajectory can not be underestimated.


So thanks go to you Mom and Dad- you stood behind me no matter what, supporting me through so much (I’m sure you never thought I’d be off your payroll), helping me through everything from the trivial- being heartbroken over that guy in high school, to the more momentous-  moves, marriage, career transitions, a tenure track job, the death of friends, the birth of children, and the juggling of a million responsibilities. I see now from raising my own kids that what you go through with me isn’t easy (and I don’t even have direct personal experience raising my own teenager yet). Thanks for your quiet calm, your jokes at all the right moments, and mostly your love and support. I’m tremendously lucky to have you as parents.

(We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming of unsolicited advice and snarky commentary. )


30 thoughts on “Love to Mom and Dad….

  1. Big, big, congrats on tenure!

    So you get to be Associate Prof drdrA as of late August, I suppose? (Start of new academic year).

    I’m not sure how a blog party looks, but it sure sounds like fun!

    Congrats again, and best of luck.

  2. Congrats! That’s awesome!

    Those are some nice flowers (and an even better card!) It’s nice to have some good people around like that 🙂

  3. Delurking to say YAAAAYYYYY! Congratulations!!

    I love reading your blog. You are awesome and such an inspiration.


    I’m with ScientistMother.
    Disco Ball – check.
    Dancing Shoes – check.
    Music – checkity check.

  5. jc- Yay- somebody brought the music! thx!
    Yael- You are too kind- I’m glad I provide something worth reading. I’d be delighted to have you as a regular commenter!
    Angela- Thanks!
    Bugdoc- You are my science BFF. Srsly. 🙂
    Melissasbench, Odyssey, Gerty-Z, Chall, Cath, Hgg, GMP, and New Asst. Prof- Thanks! I think it is sinking in.

    I have only one more question.

    Where is PiT with the damn Doritios?
    And… not enough cool shoes, Jameson or DFH at this party… 🙂

  6. Woo frickin hoo! Congrats DrDrA! And I’m glad you have awesome supportive parents, and I suspect you are a pretty good one yourself.

  7. Congrats! You are awesome!

    Supportive parents are the best, too. My dad is totally the reason I am a scientist, and I really *am* adopted. It doesn’t matter. Having him cheering for me the whole way is a much bigger deal than where my chromosomes came from 🙂

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